Roboclaw 25 giving low logic battery error

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Roboclaw 25 giving low logic battery error

Postby buckeyes1997 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 5:15 am

I am getting a low logic battery error (red LED) that seems to be preventing me from running. It says the logic battery is at 1.5V (I read in another post that is because it's floating when run off the main battery which is 12V). If it is doing that why is it giving me an error at all since it knows it's using the main battery?

Also for some reason when i try to set the current limit for motor 1 to anything less than 6A it causes a fault even when the motor is not enabled and the power supply says 0.01A at 12V.

Hope you can help.

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Re: Roboclaw 25 giving low logic battery error

Postby Basicmicro Support » Thu Dec 13, 2018 10:16 am

First make sure you are using the latest firmware(4.1.27). If you are not you may be using the older Ion Studio software. It has been replaced with Basicmicro Motion Studio. Unfortunately when the name changed it was not possible to have Ion Studio automatically udpate to Basicmicro Motion Studio.

Next reset the controller to defaults and then setup your controller again. The Logic Battery error can be cause by a bad configuration in non-volatile memory.

If you are still getting a logic battery low error, froun the LB+ pin and test if the error goes away. If it does not then it is a false logic battery error becaused by some other problem. Other warnings/errors may be showing in that case. If so what are they?

Yes, depending on how old the unit is, if the main battery is higher than the logic battery minimum then the logic battery voltage is ignored. Old units do not do this though(ones with the LB-MB hardware jumper).

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