New Firmware - Changes

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New Firmware - Changes

Postby Puch_Bike » Fri Jan 04, 2019 6:23 am

Hello everyone,
I was just updating my roboclaws to firmware 4.1.29. I get some problems now and am not sure if that is due to the firmware-upgrade or selfmade as I also changed my code...

Can someone tell me the differences and changes made in frmware versions 4.1.28 and 4.1.29?
Thanks :D

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Re: New Firmware - Changes

Postby Basicmicro Support » Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:18 am

When you update the firmware a popup lists all the changes for the current firwmare. To be safe I recommend resetting your settings to default if you are having problems and re-setup everything setup by step. Let me know if you still have problems and what they are.

Roboclaw firmware changes from 4.1.27 to 4.1.29:

//Removed test code that was interfering with user selected current limit
//Reduced overhead when using exponential option in RC/Analog
//Added Serial communications timeout Motor Safe Stop option
//Added current blanking adjustment(0% to 20% blanking period, default 5.3%, Sign Magntiude mode only)
//Added Main and Logic battery Offsets(+-1v range)
//Added Velocity and Position error limits
//Added back calculation for speed and position variables for smooth transitions from PWM to Speed to Position control modes while motors are active.
//All errors, except E-Stop, now freewheel motors(disable mosfet drivers). E-Stop still brakes motors.
//Over voltage freewheels motors until voltage drops back under Maximum voltage limit(previously motors would hard brake until the voltage dropped).
//Fixed mixed encoders types conflict on 2x7A models(other models were not affected).

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