Roboclaw shuts down and needs power cycle

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Roboclaw shuts down and needs power cycle

Post by ChrisA » Sat Mar 02, 2019 6:49 pm

I'm using a Roboclaw 2x15A with the ROS driver and of course, in turn, it uses the python driver. I'm sending commands over USB from a Raspberry Pi3.

Sometimes (I think) one of the two sides will detect an overcurrent and shut down. After that sending more command does nothing. The side not shut down still responds to commands from USB.

Currently, I can correct this by power cycling the Roboclaw. Then I'm up and running again.

Question: The manual says the this resets when the overcurrent is corrected. But I find a power cycle is needed.

Question: Is there a way to reset the board over the USB cable? If not perhaps a pin?

I wrote about this before and said I never see a red LED. Should I see a red LED if only one side is nonresponsive?

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Re: Roboclaw shuts down and needs power cycle

Post by Basicmicro Support » Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:20 am

1. Do you have the latest firmware installed?

2. Over current will not shutdown the controller. Current will instead be automatically limited.

3. Over temperature can shut down the controller requiring a power cycle if the temperature rises above 100C. Normally it cant since the current will automatically be limited to prevent this.

4. Over and under voltages can shutdown the controller requiring a power cycle. Undervoltage below the minimum logic battery limit will cause a latched error and overvoltages above the absolute maximum voltage limit will also cause a latched error. Latched errors can only be cleared by a power cycle. If the later is happening(over voltage beyond max) you need to fix this before using the controller again. You will damage the controller if this is happening.

You can determine the cause of the shutdown based on the LEDs or you can read the status information(this is recommened if you are already using packet serial commands since it gives more information).

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