Roboclaw is dead? No LEDs

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Roboclaw is dead? No LEDs

Post by woody100DK » Fri Apr 05, 2019 12:03 pm


I'm running my 24V 60A roboclaw off a 24 DC power supply and am powering the logic curcuit via the USB from a PC. I'm also controlling the Roboclaw via the USB from the PC. I'm supplying an elecrolysis unit via the Roboclaw as I need a variable DC supply.

I have run the system and have fried 3 RoboClaws now. I have no LEDs running in either of them and would like to hear what can cause that? I suspect an overvoltage on the logic side because any faults on the driver side would smell burnt or be quite obvious, is that correct? Is there any way of determining if it's the logic side?

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Re: Roboclaw is dead? No LEDs

Post by Basicmicro Support » Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:57 am

I recommend you send the units in for examination.

Note the Roboclaw is not a DC power supply. It is not designed to be a DC power supply. There may be unexpected behavior causing the failure because they have never been tested in that application.

Sign-magnitude mode should work with a resistive loads like yours but we have never tested them under those conditions.

Note driver failures may not have any smell or abvious burns. But I agree this sounds like a logic supply issue since there are no leads.

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