Overheating of Roboclaw Solo 60A

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Overheating of Roboclaw Solo 60A

Post by woody100DK » Fri Jun 14, 2019 7:28 am


We're using the Roboclaw Solo 60A as a variable DC power supply to an electrolysis unit. We're experiencing serious overheating and I suspect it might be because we're using a Meanwell 24V power supply (RSP-1000-24) as our main battery/power source. Should i be using voltge clamping or is our general setup flawed from the start? I'll attach an image showing the setup.

All tips and advice is appreciated.



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Re: Overheating of Roboclaw Solo 60A

Post by Basicmicro Support » Fri Jun 14, 2019 9:50 am

You are most likely experiencing overheating because your load is resistive. A purely resistive load will be a large amount of ripple current through the DC Link capacitors. This will cause them to overheat and shorten their life expectancy drastically.

You are effectively turning the Roboclaw into a switching regulator but without an inductor. That is probably bad for your electrolysis unit but it is definitely bad for the Roboclaw. Add a .1mH to 1mH inductor in series with the electrolysis unit. It needs to be rated for the current you will be driving so it will have to be a large inductor(physically). That should bring ripple current back down to something reasonable.

You are not running a regenerative load(eg a motor) so voltage clamping isnt an issue.

Also, your Solo unit must be mounted to a thermal mass that will conduct the heat from it. It will not support continuous 60amp operation without properly mounting it. Usually, it's mounted to a metal chassis but in your case, any large metal structure should be suitable.

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