'python' command opens Microsoft Store; Newbie python installation issue on Win 10 1903; Solved

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'python' command opens Microsoft Store; Newbie python installation issue on Win 10 1903; Solved

Post by troubleshooter » Wed Aug 21, 2019 3:52 pm

I installed Python 3.7.4 from Python website, and was attempting to verify that I had all of the steps right:
When I tested command prompt 'python', it would redirect me to Microsoft Store download page for their version of Python.

I recently started working with RoboClaw and python coincidentally at the same time as Windows 10 pushed this years 1903 update series on me.
Three times I had tired to install python according to the online tutorials and documentation, only to fail each time (for about a week)..
As luck would have it, Windows 10 had update restarts that interleaved perfectly between my attempts. (Three times!)
Each time I had actually had it installed right, Windows 1903 update would change it back! (break it), so when I tried testing it, it was still not working right.

Window users path has to be modified to use any python other than Windows (unstable) version.
[EDIT: alternatively, Windows settings for app execution aliases can be toggled off, see discussion and links]

I found the following discussion addressing this precisely, and outlining fixes:
https://superuser.com/questions/1437590 ... osoft-stor

I subsequently found this step-by-step to help me though the process:
https://projects.raspberrypi.org/en/pro ... -windows/5
This article details how to modify the 'Path' entries, but it omits the part about deleting or moving to the bottom of the WindowApps entry, as mentioned in the first article above.
this line is responsible for redirecting your command to the Microsoft Store (AFAIK).
Browse the first article I linked above, for comments about deleting or moving to bottom of the WindowsApp line in 'Path'.

Apparently, windows, in it's infinite wisdom, decided that in 1903, it would redirect command prompt calls for several programs, including 'python', to it's Microsoft Store version download page...
(Regardless if you already have it installed.)
Read the directions carefully, it is 'user' environment path, and not system environment path, etc.
There are 'move up' and 'move down' buttons in the path edit mode (at least on mine), so you can just move the WindowsApps (store) entry to the bottom, instead of deleting it, so it will only go there if you DON"T have python installed right yet.

This article comments that it is new users are the most likely to have trouble navigating this problem:


Also, the Windows store version is known to have issues, and it EVEN states something to that effect, on the very page it directs you to when you try to use 'python':
Microsoft Store Python download page has this note:
"NOTE: We are still evaluating the Microsoft Store release of Python, and not all
features are guaranteed stable. See <>docs.python.org/3.7/using/windows.html
for more information.".

To further aggravate me, I could NOT find my appdata folder!
Took me 2 hrs to find out I had not forgotten how to locate it - Windows 1903 had ALSO reset my search settings, and re-hid system folders!
I have always had folders set to 'show hidden' or is it now called 'show system' files...
(and on the fifth day startup in the morning, all update restarts had been done), it decided to reset and also lock, my toolbar preferences!!!)
I am unsure what I will find I can't do, next...

Mr K L
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Re: 'python' command opens Microsoft Store; Newbie python installation issue on Win 10 1903; Solved

Post by Basicmicro Support » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:14 am

Thank you for posting this information. Based on a reply in one of your linked thread:

"If one wants to stop this behavior, one should go to "Manage app execution aliases" in Apps & Features, then untick the "python.exe" App Installer box. (See Matt Jecha's and Update's answers) – Asker Jul 31 at 1:55"

Please let me know if this works. We do not yet use Win10 on any development computers so I've never had the need to use python on a Win10 machine.

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Re: 'python' command opens Microsoft Store; Newbie python installation issue on Win 10 1903; Solved

Post by troubleshooter » Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:06 pm

Already solved; I posted it for others.

I just confirmed that either method works to enable running an installed python in Windows 1903.
I added, and moved up (in the path list order), my Path statements for python.
My aliases are ticked (enabled), and they don't interfere, since I moved the path ahead.
So either will work, unticking alias's, or creating 2 path entries for python, above the WindowsApp entry.

I lost one of the pages I intended to link;
It basically said that this problem has affected new users much more than experienced programmers, as they know the drill...

This is a new 'feature' that Microsoft added in the May 1903 update.
We just got our Windows update last week.
Unfortunately, it had two update sessions, a few days apart, and it was right during the week I was struggling with learning and installing python!
When the second update came, I had just finished studying and doing the proper changes, but I ran out of time to test it.
The next day when I tried it, it was still broken, and it took me a day of reading and reviewing to discover I had actually fixed it, and Windows' second update had reset my changes!

We will have to wait and see if future Win 10 updates continue to 'reset' these settings!!
(and if it only resets the path ordering, or if it also resets the alias selections).

FYI; I now see Microsoft Store also shows these two methods.
Note: a different page opens for 'python' or 'python3'; I only see the instructions on the 'python3' page, after you click on the 'more' [information] button.

Thanks for all your attention on the forums!!!
Mr K L

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