mcp230A tll arduino examples

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mcp230A tll arduino examples

Postby conorB » Fri May 26, 2017 3:12 am

good morning.

I currently have a 230A that I am trying to get to work with the TTL serial output from an arduino based PLC. unfortunately I can't seem to get the checksum to work whatsoever.

in the user manual there is a reference to pre made libraries and examples for arduino based applications. however I can't seem to find any such examples on the website.

is there actually a prebuilt library? or any examples that I could reference.

also is the multi unit capability enable for rs232 operation?

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Re: mcp230A tll arduino examples

Postby Basicmicro Support » Tue May 30, 2017 10:08 am

For all common commands between Roboclaw and MCP the Roboclaw arduino library can be used with the MCP in packet serial mode. We are working on an update that adds the few extra commands the MCP supports and changes the library class name to a more general name. This should be available in a week or so, until then use the Roboclaw.

No, RS232 does not support multiple units. A bus architecture is required for multiple unit connections on the same lines(eg an open drain output with a pullup for example). The RS232 standard is a driven standard so it cannot be used like a bus. Something like RS-485 is required instead. Recently we added support for RS-485 adapters to the Roboclaw line and will be addeding similar capability to the MCP soon.

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