150 lb Self-Balancing Robot

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150 lb Self-Balancing Robot

Post by Macgyver »

I used Halloween as an excuse to build this truly unique 2-wheeled balance-bot.

I''d used this forum extensively as a resource during the trouble-shooting phase of this project, and I am quite pleased to announce I have crushed all of the gremlins :mrgreen:

I'll upload some pics as well, but here's the full demo video.
It's a bit long, but try to make it at least to 1:40 or so, where you can better see how it works:


  • Basic Micro MCP233 controller driving NPC T64 motors with 4,000 CPR encoders fitted to the motor shafts. I'm only running these at ~12V (3S lipo), so current limits haven't been an issue.
Vertical Slide:
  • Basic Micro RoboClaw 2x30A controller driving a generic windshield wiper worm gear motor at ~24V (6S lipo). A 1,600 CPR is fitted to the output shaft.
  • 2x Teensy 3.2 (1 Upper & 1 Lower)
  • 1x MPU 9250 (Lower only )
Robot Controls:
  • 1x 12CH Tx, RadioLink AT10
  • 2x 12CH Rx (1 Upper & 1 Lower), RadioLink R12DS
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Re: 150 lb Self-Balancing Robot

Post by Basicmicro Support »

That is awesome. So how many trick or treaters wet themselves Halloween night?
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Re: 150 lb Self-Balancing Robot

Post by Basicmicro Tech »

That's a well put together project! Thanks for taking the time to post this and make us aware of your project.

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