Raspberry Pi Roboclaw interface

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Raspberry Pi Roboclaw interface

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I would like to interface two Roboclaw 30a boards (4 motors) to a single Raspberry Pi using two USB cables. I am envisioning an approach similar to that used by the ION Motion Windows-based Roboclaw configuration software.

I was wondering: is source code available for the existing Windows configuration software? If so I volunteer to port the code to run under Linux on the Raspberry Pi. Once that is done I then plan on using the code as a basis for developing a Raspberry-specific Roboclaw command library (and release it as open source) Finally I would like to build a Java interface to the Roboclaw library to support my robotics project implemented in Java.

Is this approach feasible (porting the Roboclaw Windows application to Raspberry Pi)? Or is there another alternative (e.g., using an existing Java Roboclaw library)?

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Re: Raspberry Pi Roboclaw interface

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Please email support@ionmc.com. We will see if we can get you access to the source code.

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