2x60a Woes ...

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2x60a Woes ...

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Howdy folks,

I am working on a project using 2 x 350w wheelchair motors powered by the 2 x 12v gel batteries that came with the wheelchair which are driven by a 2x60a roboclaw and me on the end of it all with a Flysky.

I've wired the motors and RC receiver as per the instructions, then set it up via Motion Studio for RC mode / differential drive.

If I power up with the wheels off the ground / with no load, I can do foward and reverse at any speed, I can turn left and right at any speed, I can start stop and mix directions at any speed without throwing up any error whatsoever.

If I put the wheels to the ground I can forward and reverse, I can left and right a few times but as soon as there's any kind of complexity thrown in, say I want to go forward at half throttle and turn right at half throttle well then it all goes haywire, it won't repsond to any command and just does it's own thing, any input from me on the RC controller gets scrambled too, forward goes left, reverse goes right etc.

I connected it to Motion Studio and there was no errors showing, M1 & M2 were drawing 5amps max, main battery was OK, logic was showing as OK but then the usb port came loose, I noticed it was loose the first time I plugged it in, which was a big worry but I managed to get it to work enough to sort the initial set up by holding the cable a certain way and usings a clothes peg to keep it all going.

Thinking I'll have to return the unit to the place I bought it from, USB shouldn't come loose like that :-( Is there something I can look at in the meantime?

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Re: 2x60a Woes ...

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Update to the latest firmware and let us know the results. Current firmware is 4.2.1 for Roboclaw models.

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