Limits switches with Roboclaw

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Limits switches with Roboclaw

Post by Yovel »

I am using Roboclaw 2X30 and I want to use a switch to limit a motor
The issue is I need to stop the motor when it gets to 90 degrees and allow it to move forword untill it gets to 0 deegres and stop it there (the motor needs to be able to move again to 90 degrees)

My motor doesnt have an Encoder that i can use

I have seen the limits options on the Roboclaw but it seems to be only half of my need

Is it possible to use the Driver to do that task or Ill need to find a diffrent solution?

Thank you anyway for reading and trying to help :D :D
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Re: Limits switches with Roboclaw

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For accurate positioning you need to use encoders. Limit switches are not designed for accurate positioning.

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