Heart Beat/Motor Stop

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Heart Beat/Motor Stop

Post by willishf »

Looking for a feature that if the host sending commands to the roboclaw in the form of a heartbeat. If the heartbeat stops after X amount of time then the roboclaw will stop all motor movement. Had a case that stopped a program from running and didn't catch that the last command sent was a low-speed setting that wasn't enough to turn the motor with a load and ended up burning up the motor.

Seems like a reasonable feature to add in particular for use in situations that have negative outcomes if the motor isn't turned off when a controlling program stops.
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Re: Heart Beat/Motor Stop

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Simple and Packet Serial have a timeout option. If communciation stops for that amount of time the motors stop.

RC mode(MCU option disables this) will shutdown the motors if RC pulses don't arrive at least every 100ms.

Sorry, but on Roboclaw there is currently no Analog equivilent to a timeout.

On MCP you can setup a analog input to trip a motor stop if the voltage goes above a max or below a minimum.

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