Auto Home Features and other little items

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Auto Home Features and other little items

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Looking for clarification in that for commands 105 and 106 parameters for auto homing which implies functionality exists to auto home.

I have looked through the docs and searching on auto home in the forum the word home is taken out of the search because it is a common word.

Assuming that in non-serial mode auto home is an option/feature in Motion Studio to select. Trying not to switch back and forth on the different modes as values seem to get updated when going from packet serial to serial the baud rate switch to 2400. Similar problems when switching back and forth between different roboclaw boards options like sync motors on position pid doesn't preserve state between motors. Also appears that accel, decel and speed for position PID always stay 0. Trying not to reverse engineer what isn't clear in the documentation unless something not working.

For example, found that the command for setting position doesn't work if min pos and max pos are both 0 no matter what position I sent 65/66 it would drive to home even and appear to stop assuming using current spike. Couldn't tell if motor was still trying to move so would power cycle. This made it hard to debug/reverse engineer. My first thought is it was trying to auto home to establish 0 as the reference point but thought that would be odd behavior not documented.

I have implemented code for homing and track current spike to establish mechanical stop. Just want to make sure I am not missing an auto home feature/behavior.

Working on a Java API so needing to get into the specifics of the commands. For example had to reverse engineer the PID settings need to be / 1024 when reading and * 1024 when writing.

Almost done implementing the Java API calls needed for the position-centric project I am working on.

If I am missing something in serial packet mode for auto home please let me know.
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Re: Auto Home Features and other little items

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The forums are being left open primarily for user to user communications.

For direct support questions please use our online contact page. We are trying to get everything into the one system because handling support through emails, calls, forums and our official support system just means we end up doing the work 5 times over.

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