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Re: Current Roboclaw Firmware Version

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Roboclaw Firmware Changes:

Firmware 4.2.2 Important Information:
-Added support for Roboclaw 2x200 V7, 2x300 V7 and 2x400 V7

Firmware 4.2.1 Important Information:
-Added Idle Progress Marqee during Erase cycle of update
-Added Legacy download link to Help menu
-Removed debug code that was potentially causing
issues with position readings on some Roboclaw models
-Changed logic battery error on 2x7A controllers
(should not have trigged when main battery was above
Logic Battery minimum)

Firmware 4.2.0 Important Information:
-Removed Roboclaw models no longer supported.
If your model is too old you can revert to
the previous version using the uninstaller.

-Removed Current blanking percentage
setting(no longer needed)

-Replaced Signmagnitude/Locked Antiphase PWM
mode with Inductive/Resistive load modes.

-Added idle mode electronic braking or freewheel.

-Added idle delay. Specifies time after motor
commanded to stop(0 pwm) until mosfet driver
idles and aux brake output triggered(if enabled)
and freewheeling triggered(if enabled).

-Added additional Short Circuit Detection

-Added maximum Power/Speed percentage settings
for Analog/RC modes

//Added invalid Limit mode correction code. If pin mode is set to SIGTYPE_LIMIT but neither forward or backward is set, both will be set automatically.
//Cleaned up related limit switch code

//Fixed calculation mistake in M#ForwardBackward Compatibility Commands
//Added Get/Set Default Speed commands
//Added Position, and SpeedPosition commands, default accel decel and speed are used as appropriate automatically
//Updated Error and Warning masks for the ReadStatus command

Code: Select all

ERROR_NONE		0x000000
ERROR_ESTOP			0x000001
ERROR_TEMP			0x000002
ERROR_TEMP2			0x000004
ERROR_FAULTM1		0x000040
ERROR_FAULTM2		0x000080
ERROR_SPEED1			0x000100
ERROR_SPEED2			0x000200
ERROR_POS1			0x000400
ERROR_POS2			0x000800
WARN_MBATLOW		0x080000
WARN_TEMP			0x100000
WARN_TEMP2			0x200000
WARN_S4				0x400000
WARN_S5				0x800000
//Adjusted PWM phase change code to limit noise on HV models
//Increased command processing allocation(to reduce command latency)
//Adjusted temperature sensor offset to more accurately represent H-Bridge temperatures
//Fixed problem with load settings from file

//Removed test code that was interfering with user selected current limit
//Reduced overhead when using exponential option in RC/Analog
//Added Serial communications timeout Motor Safe Stop option
//Added current blanking adjustment(0% to 20% blanking period, default 5.3%, Sign Magntiude mode only)
//Added Main and Logic battery Offsets(+-1v range)
//Added Velocity and Position error limits
//Added back calculation for speed and position variables for smooth transitions from PWM to Speed to Position control modes while motors are active.
//All errors, except E-Stop, now freewheel motors(disable mosfet drivers). E-Stop still brakes motors.
//Over voltage freewheels motors until voltage drops back under Maximum voltage limit(previously motors would hard brake until the voltage dropped).
//Fixed mixed encoders types conflict on 2x7A models(other models were not affected).

//4.1.27 changes
//Removed leaky integrator in Velocity PID controller
//Added back calculation for integral windup in Velocity PID controller

//4.1.26 changes
//Swapped Temp and Temp2 signals on dual sensor models to match associated motor channel
//Changed Current Sense Blanking in Sign Magnitude PWM mode
//Changed A/D sample Phase/Offset model
//Changed User current filtering to a 256 sample window(12.8ms update rate)
//Added Read and Write EEPROM commands(256x16bits).

//4.1.24 changes
//Current Control method revision
//Bridged mode consolidation
//Dir setting for motor and encoder channels

//4.1.23 changes
//Added Roboclaw 2x60A V5D
//Adjusted Deadtime on Roboclaw 2x45A

//4.1.22 changes
//Fixed Auto home when using RC/Analog mode
//Added invert option for S3/S4/S5 input pin functions
//S3/S4/S5 bitmask changed slightly to accomodate invert option for input modes.
//Some models motor directions may have changed due to an update to the internal PWM handler.

//4.1.21 changes
//Fixed an auto homing issue.
//Added auto homing power/velocity and timeout settings
//Sign magnitude now default setting for newer Roboclaw models
//Disabled braking on over voltage warning when using voltage clamp(assumes voltage clamp will handle regen disipation).
//S3/S4/S5 input pin settings changed to bitmask

//4.1.20 changes
//Added Default Deceleration setting
//Added Forward/Reverse Limit support
//Added Forward Limit/Reverse Home support
//Fixed power up Home switch state(now reads the initial state if HOME/Manual Home is enabeld
//Home/Limit switch now supports on the fly changes
//Fixed short PWM glitch on power up
//Resets internal position counter when encoder is reset(fixes position movement glitches after Encoder Reset)
//Fixed sign magnitude on HV units

//4.1.19 changes
//Adjusted deadtime on MC5,7,15,30,60

//4.1.18 changes
//Fixed invalid conditional in MC120-160 A/D sample timer
//Fixed Set/Zero Encoders
//Added RC Encoder Mode selection Option using RC/TTL signal on S3

//4.1.17 changes
//Adjusted RC/Analog deadband filtering
//Changed A/D sampling to prevent PWM noise
//Added GetDefaultAccel commands
//Changed RC/Analog w/ Encoder modes to use DefaultAccel for Accel/Deccel
//Added MC60A V5
//Added MC160A
//Disabled Sign Magnitude mode on HV models
//Fixed power on zero position movement in RC w/ Encoder mode.

//4.1.16 changes
//Adjusted RC/Analog controlled Velocity and Position Control functions
//Fixed Sync Motor option in Position Settings window

//4.1.15 changes
//Adjusted auto tuner loop
//Changed currentpos reset to only execute when not running a position command(prevents hickups when running override position commands.
//Fixed an analog mode powerup calibration issue

//4.1.14 changes
//Added Roboclaw 2x7A
//Fixed MixedSpeedAccel/MixedSpeedAccelDistamce accel arguments.
//S3 mode setting on power up is now loaded correctly. Wasn't getting set until a second ReadNVM or manually set.
//Changed Position accel/deccel handler to take into account existing motion when a new command is executed.
//Added responsiveness slider to Autotuner. After autotuning the slider can be used to easily adjust the tuned settings for responsiveness(until IonMotion is restarted or the Autotune mode is changed(eg from PD to PID to PIV).
//Removed PID setting commands from python examples. We recommend you etup the Roboclaw and save the settings to the board before usign the examples. Having default values make customers assume those values would work well with any motors.
//Added support for multiple attached roboclaws in IonMotion.

//4.1.13 change
//Adjusted switching DEADTIME for Roboclaw 2x60A boards.

//4.1.12 changes
//Changed communication checksum to CRC-CCITT(CRC16 xmodem, polynomial 0x1021). see manual.
//ACK is now mandatory on write only commands. see manual.
//Home signal falling edge triggers motor stop and encoder zero
//Added manual homing option, does not automatically home on start. User must move motor until home signal is triggered top zero encoders
//Fixed unsigned value underflow in Analog filter function
//Changed E-Stop to OR instead of AND when using multiple E-Stop inputs. Note if any signal is a Latching E-STOP all E-STOPs are latching E-STOPs.
//Added option to swap encoder channels
//Added Home signal states to status word(see updated manual)
//Added open drain enable for S2(multi-unit mode)
//Added adjustable +(forward) and -(backward) deadbands for Rc/Analog modes
//Fixed a hardware reset bug in xmega. USBCAL values being updated in main loop caused reset if USB was connected and a 5v signal was on S1.
//Added USB reset on USB suspend(caused by usbser.sys not handling IN errors properly)
//Added GETENCODERS(Reads both encoder values in one call)
//Added GETISPEEDS(Reads both ispeed values in on call)

//4.1.11 changes
//a beta release, see 4.1.12 changes

//4.1.10 changes
//added an option to reset the Roboclaw to default settings by holding the SET button on power up.
//Increased the number of samples taken on startup to auto calibrate the center/zero of RC pulses.

//4.1.9 changes
//Added hysteresis to Over and Under voltage detection

//4.1.8 changes
//Added 4 more TTL serial baudrates, 57600, 115200, 230400 and 460800
//Added S3,S4 and S5 signal pin options.
//Added voltage clamp output control options to signal pints. Used to drive an active external voltage clamp circuit to dissipate regen energy when usinga power supply
//Added simple Homing support(using S4 and S5). When enable, using an active low switch to detect the home signal, the unit will automatically move forward out of the sensor on power up if the home signal is already triggered, and then move backwards until the home sensor triggers. When moving backwards into the sensor there is a 5 second timeout. Power used is limited to 25% PWM.
//Added non-latching E-STOP(doesnt require a reset to clear)
//Added Sign magnitude PWM mode. All V3,V4 and V5 boards except Roboclaw 2x60A V4 boards support new mode. Roboclaw 2x60A V5 boards will support this mode when released.
//Added a command to read back current motor PWM settings(to detect when PWM is saturated when under PID control)
//Added user max current settings. Allows user to set lower maximum current limits
//Changed how Roboclaw handles over voltages. Units will now use active braking when regen over voltage is detected above the user set maximum main battery voltage until the over voltage has dissipated. An over voltage of this type is caused when a motor is slowed down too fast when attached to a power source that can't handle the regen. This will prevent large over voltage spikes under these conditions which could damage the unit and/or power supply.
//Changed how Position commands function when using PD and PID tuning. Acceleration/decceleration curves now function with them just like when using the PIV tuning.
//Updated Autotuning algorithms for all modes. Position autotuning now requires the QPPS value be set by the user before tuning instead of the system trying to autodetect the motors QPPS. Velocity tuning still autodetects the QPPS value.
//Added magic numbers to WriteNVM and EnterBootloader packetserial commands. Prevents accidtenal writes by the user.

//4.1.7 changes
//Adjusted overcurrent temperature range calculation
//added button swap option to general settings

//4.1.6 changes
//changed pwmcnt to volatile

//4.1.5 changes
//changed read back delay to use timer instead of cycle count

//4.1.4 changes
//modified speed/velocity control in RC/Analog mode.
//changed current chopping to use raw current and chop every PWM cycle
//Removed overcurrent timeout
//Changed overcurrent calculation based on temperatures between 25c and 85c
//Changed maxcurrent reduction calculation based on temperatures between 85c and 100c

//4.1.3 changes
//USB detach/re-attach code updated

//4.1.2 changes
//Changed battery voltages to signed calculation
//Modified battery cutoff settings
//Modified battery auto cell count detect
//Changed SetConfig/GetConfig to set/get bits in ram only. Must use WriteNVM to save all settings from now on.
//Changed checksum calculation on re-set encoder commands

//4.1.1 changes
//Added timeouts on USB while loops. Roboclaw buttons work even if the PC USB port stalls.
//Changed current offset calibration for better accuracy

//4.1.0 changes
//Added new error/warning code. GetErrorStatus command now returns 16bits of data
//Changed encoder re-set command to support values larger than 65535

//4.0.9 changes
//Added max current chopper to elliminate overcurrent error
//Temperature Current ramp down(85C to 100C) based on timer

//4.0.8 changes
//Added individual encoder re-set commands
//Added user settable acceleration config for rc/analog/simple serial modes

//4.0.7 changes
//Added Autotune functions added

//4.0.6 changes
//Changed current sense filter period to 3.3ms

//4.0.5 changes
//Changed CalcPWM to update 300+ times per second(reduces processor over head)
//Changed all analog readings to be updated 300+ times per second
//Changed overcurrent timeout to be 2.56seconds

//4.0.4 changes
//Added gettemp2 command

//4.0.2 changes
//Changed to polled USB communicatiosn so USB can't interfere with motor control interrupts.
//Changed read current to every PWM pulse edge

//4.0.0 changes
//Added USB Bootloader