Raspberry Pi and RoboClaw Serial data Communication

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Raspberry Pi and RoboClaw Serial data Communication

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Hi there

Briefly, My project is control of position of a Dc motor that is connected to Air hockey Table to hit back the fast moving puck.
The location of puck will be detected and measured by OpenCv and its hit point will be calculated and control command will be sent to RoboClaw to adjust the position of motor.

I am quite novice in Serial connection of Raspberry pi 3 and also how I can communicate and send data from Serial port of raspberry pi to Roboclaw. I must use Packet Serial because of Send/Receive data between these 2 boards,But my problem is that I do not know if there is anyway to make a simple connection between these 2 boards or no? I tried every way that I found in internet nut unfortunately all of them were unsuccessful

Would you please advice if there is any hint or way to do this.

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Re: Raspberry Pi and RoboClaw Serial data Communication

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Please describe exactly what you have done so far.

The R-Pi has a TTL Uart on the 40 pin header(you will need to look it up). Those two pins(TX and RX connect S1 and S2(TX from R-Pi to S1 and RX from R-PI to S2). You also need a common ground connection between the R-Pi and Roboclaw.

Alternatively you can use a USB connection from the R-Pi to the Roboclaw.

The Python library available on our website will work with R-Pi. You just need to specify the correct comport device(dev/ACM#) that the Roboclaw shows up as when it is connected to the R-Pi.

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