Solo 60 with Arduino

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Solo 60 with Arduino

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I'm using a Solo 60 and tried using a number of examples using an Arduino UNO. The modes stated in the programs or in the manual don't seem to match those that are in the ION Studio software. I've tried a number of options but the only example mode I can get to work is the RC mode. I would be happy with an RC only version except that everytime I unplug all power and power back on there is a 50/50 chance that the RoboClaw interprets the instruction differently. For example, if I tell the motor to move forward at say 1250 for a few seconds, then stop at 1500, and then reverse at 1550, then this will work fine initially. I then turn off and then it may go fast then slow but only in the same direction only. If I reset up using the ION Studio I can bring it back it back - sometimes doing nothing more than plugging in the USB.

I do save to the device and the settings so read back correctly. I also use a LB as I thought maybe there was a brown out causing this - but this makes no difference. Could suggest what I may be doing incorrectly.
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Re: Solo 60 with Arduino

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I would need to see the examples you are running. Solo functions identically compared with the dual channel controllers except for having only one channel.

The reason you are seeing the behavior you are in RC mode is because by default RC mode auto-calibrates to the intial RC pulses sent to it. You can disable autocalibrate by enabling MCU mode. After enabling MCU mode you should be able to get consistent results with RC mode/arduino.

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