Serial Read Fails

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Re: Serial Read Fails

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1. We will need something we can reproduce the problem with. Also please provide a test that only requires one roboclaw to reproduce the problem. Can you confirm it always happens in a specific command or is it random? If random it may be a motor noise problem. You may need to add a ferite choke between the Roboclaw and the RPi aroudn the signal lines.

2. If you are using multi-unit mode with an R-Pi make sure your pullup is to 3.3v, not 5v. The RPi is a 3.3v device and 5v will damage the I/O

Without more information I cant do much to help you. Please email with the simplest program that can reproduce the problem. It needs to only use a Roboclaw/RPi and no extra external hardware,sensors or we may not be able to run it. Also we'll need to know the model of RPi. If the problem happens on a PC(that was unclear in your post) did you use a USB connection or a RS232/Level converter?

Also keep in mind we use the pyserial library to communicate to the Roboclaw so if the problem is in that library there is almost nothing we can do to correct it. The fact it takes a while for something to go wrong could indicate something inside the pyserial library is the cause. Make sure you have the latest versionso python 2.7 and pyserial for 2.7.

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