Controlling two roboclaws as one

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Re: Controlling two roboclaws as one

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Two roboclaws can not be controlled from a single command packet. You must always send a packet to a specific Roboclaw.

Your current physical connections are correct, almost. Swap S1 and S2 on one of the Roboclaws.S1 from one Roboclaw needs to connect to S2 on the other and then S2 from the first to S1 on the second. Then enable Relay mode on the Roboclaw that is connected to the USB port(but not the one connected to the first Roboclaw). Also do NOT enable Multi-Unit mode on either controller(that would only be needed if you had more than one Roboclaw attached to the first Roboclaw). Note before you do this you need to set one of the Roboclaws packet addresses to something other than the default. Each Roboclaw needs a unique packet address when they are being controlled from the same interface.

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