Max Current no Effect - force control

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Max Current no Effect - force control

Post by PdoubleU » Thu May 02, 2019 5:09 am


Im am using Roboclaw 2x15
IN Ion studio, general setting gives the options to determine a Max Current for each motor. But this value actually seem to have no effect:

We are trying to move to a defined position using the position control tab. When the movement is beeing executed and I am trying to hold the axis back by hand, the M1Current immediately went up to 40-50 Amps.

In my thinking when reducing the M1MaxAps this value should be limited, right? But whatever value I put in, the Current always goes up to 40-50 Amps.

The only effect I recognize is what I put the max current to a very low value, and trying to move the axis by PWM, fo rexample, roboclaw immediately goes into M1 Over Current error without moving.

Could you please help with that?

Is there any other way to control the force of a movement?

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Re: Max Current no Effect - force control

Post by Basicmicro Support » Thu May 02, 2019 10:13 am

I tis unlikely but there could be a problem with the current sensor. It is just an analog input measuring the curretn across a shunt resistor so there isnt much that can go wrong though.

On a 2x15 controller 40 to 50 amps isnt usually possible since the hard current limit is 30amps at 25C so I expect it is a current sensor hardware problem.

Can you confirm the current reading is the one shown in Motion Studio? Also please confirm you are using the latest firmware 4.1.33.

Just to be sure, reset the unit to defaults(Device menu) and then set all your settings one more time. Then test in PWM settings by slowly increasing power while olding the motor still(or while under a constant load). The current should rise pretty linearly with the power level under stall or constant current.

Also is there anything unusual about your motor(s)? Do you have specifications for them?

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