RoboClaw Fan Connector Change

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RoboClaw Fan Connector Change

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The fan connector on RoboClaw boards has been changed to a new connector. New boards are currently shipping with the new connector.

The old connector can be found on DigiKey for reference.

The new connector can also be seen on DigiKey. The matching female connector is this one.

Below is a photo of the old connector:


Below is a photo of the new conenctor:

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Re: RoboClaw Fan Connector Change

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Note, the color of the new connector may be white or brown. Since the old connector also came in brown do not assume the conenctor is an old style because of the color.

The simplest method to tell the difference is via the 2 notches at the top of the old connector. The new conenctor has slots but they do not notch out the entire top edge.