Issues with home/limit switches

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Issues with home/limit switches

Post by mattmotl » Thu Feb 27, 2020 4:33 am


I am attempting to use a roboclaw controller for a restriction plate for a duct. Essentially, it will be sliding a metal plate up and down, so I will need to know when it is at the top and bottom of its position. I have attempted to use the home/limit switches in a few ways, but getting weird results from this. BTW I have to use analog control. Here's what I've tried and the results from it:

First, I hooked one side of each switch to the roboclaw ground, and the other side of both switches to S4 (this is a 2x30 controller) using a pullup resistor. It will go out to my limit and return fine, when it presses the home switch, it stops as it should. However, when I start to go back out to the limit, as soon as it releases the home switch, it stops again, indicating on MotionStudio that it is home. I thought it could be switch bounce, so I added an RC filter, but this was just delaying the time it took to think it was home after it released the home switch.
Next, I tried placing the driver into bridged mode, then using S4 for my home switch, and S5 for my limit switch. This was OK, but unreliable. I got it to go back and forth between home and limit about 5 times before it stopped again after letting go of the home switch. I have no idea what is causing this, I thought maybe the driver was bad.
So then, I tried the original setup with a roboclaw solo. Both limit switches on the same line (S3 I believe). Same thing was happening, so this must be something with the firmware or my setup. I can post a schematic of my setup if needed, but it is fairly straight forward. It is wired just as it shows in the manual.

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Re: Issues with home/limit switches

Post by Basicmicro Support » Fri Feb 28, 2020 11:16 am

I believe I already talked with you on the phone however just in case that wasnt you...

This definitely sounds like a debounce issue. Some switchs are pretty bad when it comes to that. Using an RC filter was the right idea but if you have to use such a large cap to debounce you may need something more. Please provide a simple diagram if the RC circuit and switch(s). I think a diode in an appropriate location can be used to bypass the RC filter when triggering the switch but remain in circuit when releasing the switch.

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