Roboclaw 2X15 and Raspberry PI

General discussion of using Roboclaw motor controllers
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Roboclaw 2X15 and Raspberry PI

Post by Comms » Thu Feb 27, 2020 4:27 pm

I am new to Raspberry PIs and no nothing about coding. I purchased a Roboclaw 2X15 to make a tracked rover to be controlled by a Raspberry PI 3B+. I have downloaded the sample codes and read the manual but can't make sense of any of it and cannot get the Roboclaw to do anything from the PI.

The Roboclaw does work with Motion Studio.

Is there any pre-made code/program that can run on a PI to make the motors run when keys are pressed on the keyboard?

Thank you in advance for assistance.

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Re: Roboclaw 2X15 and Raspberry PI

Post by Basicmicro Support » Fri Feb 28, 2020 11:12 am

I believe I already talked with you on the phone about this but just in case...

We have a number of articles available in Resources on our main website that can help get started with RPi. Unforuntately we dont currently have a turn key test program for the RPi. I will be talking with our primary article write on Tuesday about writing such a program with a simple GUI interface.

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